Our Projects

From workshop to pop-up shop

Our projects are designed to help anyone who wants to engage in creative pursuits for fun, and also support those who have entrepreneurial aspirations. At the end of our workshops, we take people through creative business workshops giving them the opportunity to take the first steps to start their own businesses. Whenever possible, we provide the option for our students to access a Pop-up shop to experience selling their wares in a retail environment.

Cake Baking and Decorating

Students learn how to use a mixture of hand and machine processes. With our baking classes, we run all of the baking classes first and then students bring in a cake each week of the decorating class. They learn how to bake from a basic sponge cake to a rich chocolate or fruit/rum cake. They learn how to experiment by adding or subtracting various ingredients. We use sugar paste/fondant/ganache to come up with the finished professional looking product, ready to sell.


Students learn how to stitch using a mixture of hand and machine processes. With our sewing classes, we provide guidance on how to repair and make clothing. In our online workshops, you use your sewing machine at home, as we provide the guidance, support, material and patterns needed to produce professional-looking items.

Natural Hair

Learners have the opportunity to share their own hair journeys from childhood with each other. We teach learners to understand their hair type; and gain knowledge on how to care for natural hair including washing; conditioning and moisturising using natural and organic ingredients. Using the right combs/brushes and learning some basic braiding and cornrow techniques. Also, how to avoid the temptation to use chemical straighteners in your child’s hair. We discuss how important it is to eat a wellbalanced diet including plenty of water and various vitamins and minerals – especially those known for their positive affect on hair and skin. *Several hints and tips are given on the techniques used for looking after African/Caribbean hair.

Bring and Fix it

These workshops were created due to so many students wanting to fix their broken zips; sew buttons; use patches over their jeans; extend their curtains; fix their blinds etc. Students can revamp their old or damaged clothes or household items. We run these workshops in the community as well as in Children’s Centres in Hackney and they are always very popular. Students create some really great looking practical items and due to it being a family event, parents and children get to have fun together as well.