About Us

We are Creative Lifestyle CIC

Creative Lifestyle CIC started as a Social Enterprise in 2007 and is based in Hackney, East London. We are an inclusive organisation dedicated to providing a safe learning environment. For over a decade, we have delivered over 30 programmes to over 200 learners, guiding and educating them through creative workshops that use holistic and therapeutic teaching methods. Our students learn how to improve their homes, choose the creative future that is right for them through employment or self-employment, meet new friends or give them the confidence to start their own enterprise or employment.

Following the COVID19 lockdown in 2020 we adapted our courses enabling them to be delivered online.

Course Features

Some of our projects target particular learners such as African/Caribbean women living with the challenges of mental illness and or emotional distress due to a history of abuse, poor health or other ailments in their lives. Our blended, culturally sensitive approach to service delivery successfully enables us to better reach and engage with those who are socially isolated.

As inclusive tutors, we understand that our learners have various learning styles – visual and/or kinaesthetic auditory and as a result, we vary our teaching methods to facilitate this. Our teaching methods include; demonstrations; observation; positive feedback in one-to-one sessions; as well as within the classroom setting and support sessions after class; orientation around the materials and equipment used for the lessons; students demonstrations and classroom discussions.

To cater for the specific needs of some of our learners we provide access to dedicated volunteers to give extra support when needed. We work to ensure that our learners and volunteers are part of the courses by involving them in the range of supportive educational strategies in our learning spaces.

We have protocols in place which mean that we can spend more time with those who need the support due to their lack of confidence or skill. At the end of our workshops, we take people through creative business workshops giving them the opportunity to take the first steps towards starting their own businesses. We repeat part of our lessons if needed and provided extra ‘surgery’ type sessions which indeed support them as and when it was necessary to do so.

Our workshops run from two days for a taster session to several weeks for a full course. They include resources and materials and are have been delivered using online technology at our client homes, or within a Hackney community centre where we run courses part-funded by The Hackney Learning Trust, Hackney Council and other local and national funders. We also run workshops on behalf of Children’s Centres at their venue.