Oleander Agbetu

Oleander is the CEO of Creative Lifestyle

Alongside her role as a teacher of creative skills, Oleander is a long-standing volunteer with a support group for people living with physical challenges. This has given her an insight into their lives and how society disables them. For the past six years with the group, her responsibilities have been to promote equality and diversity in health care systems. Before this, she spent many years supporting vulnerable people – some of whom had mental health, emotional distress and physical impairments. She is a Hackney resident and has worked in the borough as a community worker for over a decade providing and supporting services designed to support the boroughs most vulnerable families and individuals.

Voluntary Sector Worker

Over 20 years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector

Entrepreneurial Experience

Experience of running bespoke soft Furnishings and textiles business

Retail Expertise

Several years of experience and expertise in running pop-up shops.