Creative Lifestyle

Cake Baking and Decorating
Learn how to use a mixture of hand and machine processes with our baking classes. Rhen bring in your cake for the decorating class.
Sewing Workshops
Make your own clothes or furnishings. We teach beginners how to use a sewing machine with various stitches to get the desired effect.
Natural Hair Workshops
Learn how to understand different hair types, and gain knowledge on how to care for natural hair using natural and organic ingredients.
Bring and Fix It
Learn to fix and amend household items, from patching or revamping old clothes to extending curtains.
Jewelry making

Learn the basics of how to use semi-precious jewels for costume jewellery designs.

Soap making
Discover how to use the ‘Melt and Pour’ method of soap making, and infuse your products with a mix of natural fragrances.

Our Projects and Services