Cake Baking & Decorating

Students learn how to use a mixture of hand and machine processes. With our baking classes, we run all of the baking classes first and then students bring in a cake each week of the decorating class.

Sewing Workshops

We teach beginners how to use a sewing machine with various stitches to get the desired effect.

Natural Hair Workshops

Learners also have the opportunity to share their own hair journeys from childhood with each other.

Bring and Fix It

These workshops were created due to so many students wanting to fix their broken zips; sew buttons; use patches over their jeans; extend their curtains; fix their blinds etc.

Jewellery making

Learning the basics of how to use semi-precious jewels for costume jewelry designs.

Soap making

Using the easy ‘Melt and Pour’ method, with a mix of natural fragrances.

  • From 2 day taster sessions to several weeks
  • Resources and materials provided
  • Based in a Hackney community centre
  • Workshops also run on behalf of Children's Centres


  • I would like to say thank you for being good teaching us and how to bake! You were a great tutor. Oh – of course this was my first time to learn it. BIG THANK YOU! I’m sorry my written English is not clear cos my first language is BSL – Hope you understood.


  • The ladies did all they can and supported us all the way, thank you Veronica.


  • This course was very enjoyable. I learnt styles of plaiting and how to improve my plaiting. I would strongly recommend this course can be run again


  • Very interactive and informative. I learnt a lot about crafts, cake baking and decorating


  • Yes, I really enjoyed this course, getting self – esteem and gaining self – confidence


  • Well put together course, would recommend it to anyone that is interested in cake baking and decorating


  • I would like to thank the class tutors for their patience and perseverance


  • It’s been a great course with a lot of support from the tutors. I hope Creative Lifestyle continues to run regular courses


  • I learnt a skill I never thought I was good at and it has enabled me to do cake stalls which have been great!